Pegasi UniHelp is the only IT account support product designed to meet the demanding needs of universities. Pegasi UniHelp enables single contact issue solving for helpdesk as well as instant help for university end user.

UniHelp benefits

  • 1. Meets the needs of universities: The only solution designed to meet the complex needs of academic universities
  • 2. Solves problems with one view: No need to make phone calls, send emails or explore different tools
  • 3. Easy implementation: No need for in-code customization
  • 4. Saves money: Reduces working hours
  • 5. Rationalises work: Enables help desk experts to focus on broader sets of tasks
  • 6. Satisfied personnel: More satisfied helpdesk professionals, study office and other support staff
  • 7. Enables streamlined student throw-in: Accelerates the start of studies through logical onboarding workflow

Satisfied customers

  • 1. Fast and always available: end-user self service issue solving 24/7
  • 2. Solution for impossible scenario: Enables remote user identification using biometric passport and AI live person recognition
  • 3. Minimized transaction times: Satisfied end-users.