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Organizations have access to electronic systems that require registration and contain user information. This information includes, for example, personal and organizational information, as well as login information. The manual management of these information’s takes time and concentration from both the user and the maintenance.

Different usernames of the systems can also be in various forms, such as an email address, a PIN code or a user ID. Remembering and managing these usernames is time consuming as well as error prone. When a user’s information, like a title, a job description, unit or a name changes, user’s data may not update to all of the systems. When a person leaves the organization, their information can be forgotten to different systems as a result of human error.

The core features of our IDM product include real-time data transfer between systems. This allows a consistent username and keeps the user’s information up to date. When the user’s information changes, the electronic systems connected to the user are updated. In the addition of a new employee or a student, the information is transmitted to the person’s electronic services and when this person leaves the organization, their information is deleted from these services. Our IDM products reduce manual work, increase security and save users and IT-support’s time.



Numerous passwords for different systems are difficult to remember. This often forces us to write them down less securely for example on a paper, a mobile phone or on the memory of a web browser. Passwords can also expire at different times and changing them can be difficult and insecure.

The core features of our IDM product include real-time password synchronization, which eliminates the password problems. The password you choose stays up-to-date everywhere, so you can focus on using a single, stronger and more secure password.

If the password expires or is lost, the user may need to contact IT support to obtain a new password. On several different systems, passwords may expire at different times and password requirements may vary between systems. Problems can also occur outside IT support work hours or during the holiday season.

Our IAM product offers a password exchange service centrally in one base, around the clock. Our product allows the user to change their password, for example, with a bank ID or a mobile application, instantly without any further action.



Manually maintaining usernames on different systems requires time and care to avoid mistakes. You may have to search information on more than one system and it is troublesome to track changes and faults.

Our IAM solution provides a centralized view of user data and enables user changes, support actions, reporting and browsing of historical data. In this way, for example, the user’s problem situations are resolved through a single view, and even a mistaken change of name data can be easily traced and corrected in the personal register.


Using your organization’s electronic services may require several different logins to different services throughout the day. This takes time and concentration.

Our IAM solution offers single-sign on, which allows one-click login to desired systems, both within the organization and between collaborative organizations. Login is performed on a familiar and secure organization login page for all services. With this login, the user can access all electronic services without multiple logins.




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We’ve been around for a while. We were doing identity management before IDM was IDM, since 1995. We have seen and created several environments and have accumulated in-depth knowledge of most the technologies around IDM.

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